Welcome Newest PatientEdit

The Doc is in! Welcome to the Doc McStuffins clinic, Doc suggets a nice healthy dose of Wikia!

On this Doc McStuffins wiki you'll find a lot of things ranging from characters to pictures to episode guides and info and trivia and screenshots. If you wish to add a page then click on "Contribute" at the top right corner and "Add A Page

Main CharactersEdit

Toys in docs clinic

Alma McStuffins (Doc's best friend)


  1. First of all, the most important rule is to keep the content you may add or upload Doc McStuffins related.
  2. Please do not Spam or Flame pages or other members.
  3. Try to neatly make pages or edits. Do not just add two sentences to a new page, then call it a page.
  4. Please do not use obscene/dirty/adult bad words. This wiki should be for all ages.
  5. Do not mix fanon or fan based arguements with real topics.

Pages of InterestEdit

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